Transports under temperature control (food)

Transports under temperature control (Food)

Switzerland and Italy rank first in terms of chocolate quality; in the same way ALA Trasporti provides a first class service, managing the cold chain throughout the stages of the distribution process.

Our services

  • Transport of food service FTL (Full Than Container Load)
  • Transport of  Beverage
  • Specialized transport of chocolate
  • Adherence of transport regulations in terms of safety
  • Coverage of the whole Europe, including Balkan countries and Russia
  • Compliance with all criteria sanitation, with temperature monitoring, thanks to the systems for constant recording on all the vehicles used from ALA Trasporti
  • Compliance with legislation ATP (Accord Transport Perishable)

where do we arrive?

The legislation ATP is the result of a European agreement signed in 1970 by some states, including Italy, which imposes pertaining rules in construction of isothermal for refrigerated transport, for the transport of perishable foodstuffs temperature-controlled, emphasizing requirements for end-users.

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